La Porte Valette is actually the large classifed sixteenth century gate that leads into the courtyard of the chambre d'hote.  

The plaque above the gate tells us that it was once an auberge, or inn, and the gate has two knockers on it, one for the pedestrians and one up high for horse riders and the stables at the end of the courtyard still have the feeding boxes in.


We have been told by a local historian that it was never an auberge but built instead for a noble family that had land and sold cheese, wheat and wine that went by river towards Bordeaux.  They in turn either left the house or sold it to the church and then in 1840 it was purchased by the Valette family with gold,  there had been six generations of the Valette family living in the house before we purchased it.
The chambres d'hotes is run by myself, Bernice, and my husband Norman with the help of Timmy and Penny our two cats.

We like to think that we are family friendly as we have grandchildren and know that it can be difficult to find hotels with facilities for babies and children and hope that we fill this gap.

We moved from England and have been here since October 2006 and are still finding places to visit that never cease to amaze us and hope that any visitors to our chambres d'hotes will join us in their enthusiasm for the area and let us into the secret of some of the places they have visited or live that we yet have time to enjoy.

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